Power: Estate transformer

Security: The entire estate is fenced with a 2m high, 20km solid concrete fence, centralised access control, complimented with CCTV facilities and intercom. As well as trained security patrol at night and weekend

Do I need a borehole: The only answer is NO, because the estate is fully equipped with three different borehole and overhead storage tanks link to every plot to service resident daily.

Accessibility: At Amorit we hold our client in high esteem, so at every juncture your comfort ability is foremost, the estate is fully interlocked with paved drive way and each plot has a parking space of three cars maximum

What other facilities are there available? The estate has a standard lawn tennis court, swimming pool and of course some where to distract the kids while u take a look at some other things.

Need space for your private business: The estate has a shopping mall for office space and shop to let.

Security:the estate is CCTv monitored.