AMORIT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is 100% Nigerian company offering the following services:

We operate nationally as Estate Developers, human resources managers, project managers, consultant in public and private sector of the economy. We are a registered vendor with major, multinational and conglomerates oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

Amorit recently expanded it’s networks activity to Osun State as a private housing estate developer where we are building affordable housing estate, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Works Housing and Urban Development.

Amorit has been able to break the jinx “it has never been done” by setting the pace and this has earn it a formidable reputation for operational and service excellence and a household name in real estate which makes us measurably the Best.

Our administrative office is in Osogbo, Osun State.


We offer basically construction, facility management and consultancy services part of which are;

  1. Construction of private residential buildings.
  2. Construction of public buildings (Hostel accommodation, schools and hospital building, public office building, modern market among others)
  3. Manage facilities and infrastructures of public and private buildings.
  4. Public Private Partnership Scheme of government and private facilities.
  5. Build Operate and Transfer Scheme.


Explore Amorite Estate: Where luxury living and natural splendor harmoniously coexist.

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Amorit International Limited Aluminium Factory

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University hostel by Amorit International Limited.

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Amorit Estate Annual Thanksgiving Service 2023

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Amorit International Limited Trade Fair 2023

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Amorit Estate February 2023 Valentine Celebration

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Amorit Estate Christmas Carol & Annual Thanksgiving Service 2022

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